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About Michelle Phillips

​      I write because I want to change the way the world views race.  With each piece, my aim is to eradicate negative stereotypes about African-Americans, while educating people about our culture. 
     Whether it's through contemporary poetry or educational material, I hope that what I share encourages people to embrace all cultures, and accept the differences that make up the diverse world that we live in today. 

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.
"Not Sugar Coated: Keeping It Real"

"Teachers Taking Charge"

"Cultural Patterns & Interactions Among African-American Male Adolescence"



by K on 05/17/15


Why was it so hard to write this blog?

Why is it so hard to be rich?

Why do people cheat in relationships?

Why are people unhappy?

Why do some people use every excuse in the universe, versus owning up to “it”?

Why do some innocent children die at the hands of their parents?

Why do innocent babies die from illnesses?

Why does a person that is doing something great with their life, die?

Why are some serial killers never caught?

Why does the grass ALWAYS look greener on the other side?

Why do some White people have such hatred from Blacks?

Why are all Blacks grouped together?

Why do some Blacks that have “made it,” not want to associate with their own?

Is there a difference between a nigger and a nigga?

Is it ok to give White people permission to say that word?

What if they use it the “correct” way, is that ok?

Will racism ever end?

Will ANY police officer that kills an UNARMED Black person, but use the old tired excuse, “I feared for my life,” ever be convicted?

Why do some people post lies about how well/good they are doing in life, on FB?

Why is life so complicated?

Why do we keep asking why?

Still Love You

by K on 04/06/15

Still Love You


Growing up, he was full of hope

until an unhappy childhood.

Witnessed his father going off, and beating his wife;

fearful, nervous, full of strife.

Growing up to be a young man,

not knowing what his life was all about.

Maybe join the service,

Get a regular job,

he can’t wait to get out of the house.

He thought, may his own business,

that’ll show my dad

that I am something, that I’m not a low life!

Sixteen years old, he tried to help my mom,

Get off her! Leave her alone! He screamed, as he father put a gun in his hand.

Kids crying, mother pleading, running for her life.

Father, only the stepfather of two of the four, runs after her.

The noise! The screams! The bangs!

The crash! The crying! The Drama!

The kids screamed, “Oh momma!”

As the boy kneeled,

one slipped on the blood,

one caressed her head,

the other just stood there and stared.

Sirens screeching, police everywhere,

Mom being tended too.

As the dad looked at her, his face full of sorrow,

His hands handcuffed behind his back.

He whispered, “Is she dead?”

The mom looked up at him,

Her kids looked down, their faces were hollow.

She looked in the direction of her husband,

“I still love you.” She said in her last dying breath.

America - Is it the great?

by K on 03/09/15

America- Is it the great?
2015, the fight continues;
The killings
Continues to rear its’ ugly head!
The land of the free;
A Black President
But increased killings of unarmed Black men
Continue to rise rampantly.
Kill a Black man, woman, boy or girl,
Assassinate their character by the media,
to slightly skew the remorse;
as the repeated letters indicate,
You’re an ass if you believe the lies for sure!
The good ole boys club will NEVER go away,
An investigation,
A grand jury,
No justice,
They will NEVER convict one of their own;
If you think it will ever happen,
You’re a different type of ass alone.
Although many killed were unarmed,
The cops justifies it so,
After all, a pellet gun was mistaken for a real guy,
By these trained police officers, sworn to protect and serve.
The land of the free,
Kill a [email protected]@, and you will go unpunished, get away scott free!
You worry about ISIS, and how successfully they recruit,
They see your lack of loyalty and the hating of a group of your own!
You can’t bully ISIS, cannot even crush the small militant group,
You are your own militia when it comes to Black life;
Other countries hate you,
Many want to hurt you,
Does blowing you up and beheading many
give you a small taste of what you do to your own?
What about some of the atrocities some Black people have gone through?
How do you expect ISIS to be civilized? Calling them barbaric
when you can’t even respect your own.
Justifying the killings of innocent Black life;
longing to hear the N word on TV; questioning why a White rapper won’t use it.
Seeing no wrong when an officer kills someone INNOCENT, because they just happen to be Black.
When it comes right down to it,
You have a barbaric history too!

February is Black History Month?

by K on 02/10/15

February is Black History Month?

Black history, whack history,

who the hell cares!

It’s overrated, it’s not necessary,

many Whites like hip hop now, so there!

Who cares about history?

Why does it matter?

Martin Luther King Jr marches only made it ok to drink and sit in the same restaurants as Whites,

Oh boy!  So what!

Many young Blacks have given a pass

to some Whites to say the “N” word, because their cool,

their hip, and now associate with Blacks,

So [email protected]@ Black history month!

No one gives a [email protected]!

Many Black caregivers not able to pass the history down

from one generation to the next;

is it a melting pot syndrome some say, or just nobody gives a [email protected]?

I didn’t write the history, so don’t be mad when I remember,

What some White men have done to Blacks and other people of color.

Many Blacks piss on their history, thinking it doesn’t affect them.

We hear about a Trayvon Martin, a Mike Brown, Eric Garner, a mentally ill woman, Tanisha Anderson, twelve year old Tamir Rice, and countless others,  

so yeah, Black History does matter,

And yeah, that shit, racism still affects us!

It's A New Year

by K on 01/01/15

It’s a NEW YEAR!

It’s with great cheer, that it’s a new year.

Some partied hard on New Year’s Eve, 

Some just ate dinner alone, maybe had a drink and quietly brought in the New Year.

Oh, a new beginning!

A fresh start!

A new day to dream, start over, oh how we do love fresh starts!

My resolution is to lose weight.

My resolution is to renew my faith.

My resolution is to have a child.

My resolution is to find a man.

My resolution is to get rich.

My resolution is to stop being a bitch.

My resolution is to find a new job.

My resolution is to keep a clean house.

My resolution is to be more assertive.

My resolution is to be nice to my kids.

My resolution is to clean up my life, live and enjoy this new beginning. 


How we love them so; 

we are so serious about them, and say they truly come from the heart.

We are telling the truth (at the time) that we will stick with them; 

It’s a new year, a fresh start to start over and try to do everything new and right again.

What’s your resolution?

How long will it last this time?

What will make you stick with it?

Will hard times, a break up, a death, sway you from it?

What about a loss of a job? What about a misdeed of a so-called friend?

What will make you stick with it this year? What will be different this year from last year?

It’s a NEW YEAR; change the way you think, the way you do things, enjoy this New Year.

Change? I Wish!

by K on 09/11/14

Change? I Wish!


Are you happy with who you are?

Do you want to be someone you’re not?

Do you wish you were mixed?  Or maybe just light?

Do you want to be Black? Or maybe you want to be White?


Do you wish you had straight hair? Or maybe you wanted kinky hair?

Do you wish you had longer hair? Or maybe you wished for short wavy hair?

Do you wish you’d married someone else?

Do you wish you were married?

                                       Do you wish you were single?               

Do you just wish you could be with someone else?

Do you wish you could join groups, be social, and mingle?


Do you wish you had a job?

Do you wish you liked your job?

Do you wish you had your dream job?

Are you just happy you have a job?

Are you happy to be alive?


Do you wish you had kids?

Do you wish you had fewer kids?

Do you wish you had all boys?

Or maybe you wanted all girls?


Wishing you were thin,

Wishing you were fat,

Wishing you were rich,

Never wished for poor!

Wishing you were taller,

Wishing you were shorter,

Wishing you had a sister,

Wished you knew your father, or you had a different mother.


Do you have hopes and dreams?

Did you have hopes and dreams?

Are they dried up?

Are you too old for the dreams to remain?

Do you wish you were healthy?

Do you eat right?

Do you exercise?

Do you smoke? Do you drink? 

Do you keep a lot of mess in your life? 


What good has that done?


America: Black and White

by K on 08/25/14


The killings

The press release



What is the discovery?

America the beautiful,

the land of the free,

a 9/11 we, the U.S. all unite & pull together;

race doesn’t matter, creed doesn’t matter,

your title doesn’t matter, neither does education;

rich or poor, man, woman, boy or girl, we all come together to restore our disrupted world.              


Old racism, old stereotypes,

old mentalities; medals, honors and now a fund to pay homage to those that have killed a Black boy.


Black life, it doesn’t matter; only those who make money for you, otherwise kill all the Black boys, and now kill the Black women too.


How can we blame them? Is it fair, no! But finger pointing won’t do any good, their power, money, mind-control all outweigh you.


The blame game is getting out of control, it’s NOT about Black and White, it’s about equality, respect, being heard, getting to the truth; it’s about who was wrong in this case, who overreacted, it’s about who did what to whom.  


Let’s be fair, yeah it was wrong, but let the whole story play out;

another Black boy shot dead, another Black boy murdered, buried in the ground, gone.

Who are we?

by K on 04/11/14

Who are we?


Many of us may not like you,

but as my brothers and sisters in Christ,

We tolerate, and show some respect in the public when around you.

You talk about us,

You don’t support us,

You lie about us,

You hunt us down and try to kill us.


Don’t we bleed the same?

You don’t even care to know our names.

We love the same as you;

We want healthy kids the same as you.

We have dreams, we work a job,

We have talents and drive fancy cars.

One does not represent the entire race.

We are individuals, as in your case.

There are bad in every race,

don’t lump us together, because we share the same shade.

The media continues to focus solely on us,

to continue the frustration,

mis-guided information,

the racism and hatred towards us.

With that burden to fight,

and little strength in numbers and fading power,

no wonder we are the most hated race;

The sand niggas have bounced back on top, surpassed us;

we continue to be the downtrodden, the most hated race.


by K on 01/18/14

Collections (This is the Remix…)


Collections, collections, yeah it’s us again;

you keep hangin’ up; we’ll just call you again.

We don’t care about your problems,

we don’t care what debt you’re in,

you borrowed money from us,

now we are trying to collect,

from either you,

a family or friend.

We’ve heard every excuse,

nothing really fazes us;

you lost your job, you have no food,

you threatened to go bankrupt,

go ahead, we don’t feel sorry for you, and that won’t stop us.

We all have financial problems,

you should have planned and budgeted better,

we need to collect a double payment,

or we’ll start a repossession letter.

Cussin’ won’t do you any good,

we’ve been called every bad name in the book;

cryin’ only makes you look weak,

wipe your nose! And shut the [email protected]@ up!

You have two days to come up with the money,

AND, we will call you again;

you say you won’t have it then?

Can’t you borrow from your family?

What about a friend?

Or your next of kin.

Sir please! those are such ugly words comin’ out of your mouth!

I didn’t borrow the money,

I’m just doing my job!

No! You go fly a damn kite!

You should have thought twice about borrowing money,

Christmas comes every year;

not my problem you didn’t plan well,

by the way,

have a Happy New Year!

Pull 'Em Up

by K on 01/04/14

Pull ‘em up!


What’s saggin?

What do I see?

They black, white,

gray, yellow, red,

What is it? Let me see.

Hangin’ down low,

nearly down to the ground;

can’t even walk right with em,

What is it? Yo draws! Your pants saggin,

Pull em up please!


Where you get this from?

Did it come from prison?

Is it an invitation for sex?

Do you know?

Why do you continue to sag?

Pull em up please!


You claim you ain’t a follower,

but can you explain why you sag?

Don’t have an answer?

Hey, I’m just askin’, you ain’t gotta get all mad!

I don’t want to see yo draws,

The crack of yo butt;

If someone get after you,

oh WTF!

What will you do?

Run while holdin’ em up?

Can’t even walk straight,

Them damn pants hangin off yo butt!

By:  Michelle Phillips and Hamp McWhorter

Is Chivalry dead?

by K on 12/08/13

Is Chivalry dead?


Asking someone out on a date

Opening up a door for a woman

Holding a door for a woman to enter

Holding hands

Being respectful;

Is chivalry dead?

You want a thug

You want a gangsta

You want a cool man,

When he whoops your butt,

Can we then say you a nut?

You don’t want a soft man,

A man that cries,

You want a man that pimps when he walks,

Put you in your place,

Backhand you in the face.

Wow, now that’s cool.

If a man speaks to you with respect,

Helps pay a bill with his check,

Never call you out of your name,

It’s called being chivalrous,

Is chivalry dead?


By Michelle Phillips & Hamp McWhorter

Are you a bitch?

by K on 11/24/13

Are you a bitch?


Do you have authority over employees, and treat the women harshly?

Do you feel you have to prove to someone, that you are in charge?

Do you walk around with a “mean mug,” hoping it will scare your female staff off?

Do you avoid hiring more women, because you secretly don’t like them?

Do you think you are better than another woman because of her background?

Are you a hater because the woman has more education than you?

Do you find yourself often wanting to ridicule her, embarrassing her somehow?

Do you look down on her because you make more money?

Do you think you are smarter, because she’s from the South?

The way she talks?  The way she walks? The way she dresses? Her confidence?

Do you hate on other women, maybe because of your own self described defense?

Oh, you may be a bitch, so you won’t admit it, so continue reading down the list.

Do you find yourself, secretly wishing you had what another woman has?

Do you falsely befriend another woman to keep “tabs” on her?

Do you avoid befriending women, because you think they are all whores?

Do you prefer to hang around with men, versus women? If so, why?

Does a woman befriend another, just to get close to a male lover?

Gossip, Talk,

Competition, Greed,

Hate, Jealousy,

Fake, Insecurity,

Whore, Liar,


And so much more.

Why do women hate to hear about another one shining?

Why do women pretend to like another woman?

Do women keep their enemies close?

But behind her back, talks about her so badly, and is the lead person to deny her?

Do you get mad when someone disagrees with you?

Do you try to argue someone down, until they give in and agree with you?

Do you finally get a break, and now you think that you have outshined her?

Start telling her how to act, how to speak;

using the Lord as a crutch, saying that maybe He’s trying to bless her?

Secretly wanting her to feel badly, agree, and be more like you?

Do you start shit? How about wait until you’re drunk, and then talk big shit?

What about recounting all the good that you have done, and how others don’t appreciate you?

Can women generally like each other? Give another woman props?

What if:

She’s shaped like a brick house?

Has the most confident, but not fake, trying to be a model walk?

So secure, grounded and self-assured?

Could have cussed you out, but walked away, because she has learned what it’s all about.

Are you a bitch?


by K on 10/27/13

How does one know when they are growing?


Do you accept people for who they are?

Do you know that EVERYONE has idiosyncrasies?

Most importantly, do YOU know that you have them too?

Do you know that what you perceive as your “normal” quirks,

 are NOT more acceptable than someone else’s?

Do you even acknowledge that you may indeed, have weird ways?

Do you try to get the speck out of someone else’s eye?

While not dealing with the beam in your own eye?

It’s easier to try to “tell” someone about who you think they are.

It’s easier to try to tell someone how to act or how not to;


 not being able to handle when someone tells you their perception of YOU.

Can you acknowledge that we are all different?

BUT, know that we can still embrace each other,

 (While making a mental determination)

if those “different” ways are worth a “next time”?

While remembering that you too, are not perfect?

If you answered yes to 8 of those,

That’s GROWTH.

Food For Thought

by K on 10/12/13



From babes to adult,

learning to be fake, then through life experiences,

you have learned to just let it all out.

Not caring too much, what people think of you,

have come into your own, being the true, authentic you;

now wondering why in the hell it took so long.

It took you a long time to get here, boy! doesn’t it feel good?

Loving yourself, accepting yourself; seeing your true beauty;

You are real to the bone. 

No longing just sayin shit to hear yourself talk,

Sprouting knowledge,

giving wisdom,

sharing some of your relevant life story,

not giving a damn what people make of it,

take of it,

walk away from it,

Just being real and dropping that life learned knowledge.


by K on 09/28/13

Who said age adds wisdom? 

Living life, I’ve found out many who are older, are not wiser. 



What is for you, no one else can take.

Others are prospering and they ain’t that good?

You are not living a fulfilled life, why?

Train your mind to not dwell on what is, but what is to come.

Celebrate with others, genuinely; your time is coming.


You must first change the way you think.


One day at a time, one thought at a time. 

Your right and left brain are at war often.

If you don’t begin to consistently change the way you think, you will always have what you have been getting.

Reflect, change, grow, learn, be open to goodness, follow only leaders, learn from the rich, do something different, be good to others, share, recognize faults, embrace, challenge yourself, forgive your past, don’t be desperate.