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​ I write because I want to uplift and educate people through my writings.  

I find that most people love the uplifting part of my writing/s, it encourages them and makes them laugh.  BUT, over 75% have issues with the educating piece; I challenge people beliefs, prejudices and will call them out on their crap, respectfully...most of the times.  

I want to be a lifelong learner, and often that means, listening to other folks perspectives.  Together, YOU and I can be an intricate part in changing way the world looks at race.

Peace and blessings.

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.

"Not Sugar Coated: Keeping It Real"

"Teachers Taking Charge"

"Cultural Patterns & Interactions Among African-American Male Adolescence"


#Footing the Bill for Trumps

by K on 02/11/17

#Footing the Bill for Trumps

 Footing the bill for Trumps;

Donald Trump the big lump;

golfing, talking, shouting

eating, spewing, laughing

hating, rating, and communicating???


the taxpayers are always the ones who eventually foot the bill


We have to foot the bill for the entire Trump clan,

Or is it Klan?


Powerful White men,

touting that they will make America great again.


9th Circuit

by K on 02/09/17

9th Circuit decision

 Trump’s ban is done, immigration and what’s right won,

Trump’s mad and defeated,

will he continue to scowl, revert to calling people names,

& keep Tweeting?

The 9th Circuit made a decision;

Accept it Trump, you were defeated.


the land of the great;


where we stand together and will not tolerate HATE!


the land of the free,

for Blacks, Gays, Mexicans, Women, Muslims, and others;

The 9th Circuit court,

not afraid of Trump,

His stupid immigration ban was dumped!


is great again.


Black History Month 2017

by K on 02/07/17

Black History Month 2017

Our struggles from oppression

2017: A new Trump

by K on 01/07/17

2017:  A new Trump

It’s 2017; it’s a new year;

Trump will take over the Oval Office in a couple of weeks,

so many new fears!

 A campaign perceivable ran full of hate,

this has never happened before in America,

what will be our fate?

 Twitter rants,

Name calling,

Always wanting to be right;



Encouraging people to fight.

Discriminating openly against Muslims, Mexicans, Gays and Blacks.

Creating a new Alt. Right group, whose agenda is to promote the good ole boys club, trying to take America waaaay back.

 Make America great again, what does that really mean?

Make America great again, was his campaign theme.

A leader now?

So…no more rants?  No more tantrums?  No more name calling? 

No more acting like a spoiled, rotten kid?

 LEAD the country, if you dare;

no more Russian influence, they have NEVER been America’s best friend.

LEAD the country, if you dare;

no more discriminatory practices, treat ALL just & fair.

LEAD the country, if you dare;

STOP POLICE BRUTALITY widely practiced in America,

killing innocent Black men, women and twelve year old kids!

LEAD the country Mr. Trump;

You have 4 years to be inclusive of ALL

and truly

make America great again!

I'm Free

by K on 09/01/16

Free to be me, that’s who I know how to be.

From life experiences, no matter the setting, I have learned just to be me.

Many tried to shame me,

Ridicule and mock me;

Many unfriended me, chastised me, tried to block me.

They didn’t want me to be the true authentic me,

but tried to mold me into who they wanted me to be.






Church members,


Dating potentials.

Change can be good, I know this to be true;

I had to learn patience with others,

I had to learn to taper what was truly on my mind

I had to learn how to accept others for who they were

without any prejudices, preconceived notions, and a closed-up mind.

I had to be kind,

Stop being blind;

Open up and admit,

Stop with the fake, I am important crap because of my degree;

Continue to strive,

Without guilt, or the blame game,

Resolve some unresolved anger,

you know, just deal with some shit.

While accepting me fully, with no shame or hate in mind.

I’m not ashamed to hang around all Blacks at work,

I’m not ashamed for wearing my natural hair, that’s YOUR problem.

I’m not ashamed of eating soul food, after all, other cultures stay true to themselves.

Judge me if you want, you will anyway,

But not I don’t give a [email protected], is all I’m trying to say,

I’m Free!

Sort of…

.#BillCosby: did he do it?

by K on 07/02/16

.#BillCosby; did he do it?

 The pudding pop guy;

The father on the Cosby show;

The spy on I spy; is he guilty? Or is it all lies?




A “Love Potion”

Makin’ them give it up;

knowingly and unknowingly, throwin’ it in his face;

                                                  many wonder why the long wait? 

Mr. Cosby settled another case back in the day;

He paid money, the record was closed,

how then can “they” throw that same case back up in his face?

Isn’t there a time limitation?

A statute of such?

So many years later, WTF!

Is he a rapist?

Did he do it?

Are these women all lying?

Were they willing participant, knowing the drug in which they partake?

Mr. Cosby, if you are guily, oh what a waste!

Mr. Cosby, at one time, admonished other Blacks,

called then distasteful, thugs, slammin’ their culture right in their face.

Now look,

old and blind,

bumping into poles, can’t walk straight, shit slammin’ him right in the face.

Holier than thou, livin’ a lie;






Wanting him to go out in disgrace.

Mr. Cosby,

If innocent, may God be with you,

If guilty, karma has finally caught up with you.  



Orlando shooting

by K on 06/13/16

Orlando shooting










Lone wolf…

The innocent victims, the innocent children;

the innocent brothers, the innocent sisters;

fathers, mothers,

sons, daughters,

friends, cousins, in-laws, lovers;

nieces, nephews,

Uncles, aunts;


Boy what a mess!

My heart is so heavy for this massive loss;

A deranged lunatic, a wanna-be took them all out.

How could this happen?

Why didn’t anyone notice?

A lone wolf he’s called,

How about just a hateful murderer!

We are ALL human,

Not one better than the other,

Straight, gay, bi-sexual, whatever…

Black, White, Mexican, Asian, Puerto Rican, Pacific Islander, Native American, Bi-racial, Tri-racial, whatever…

Tall, medium height, short, small, whatever…

Skinny, fat, plus sized, or small, whatever…

Jew, Gentile, Atheist, non-denomination, Christian, Muslim, Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, whatever…

We all want to be understood, loved and happy;

after all, God accepts and loves us all

RIP my brothers and sisters.


by K on 05/01/16


 Hate, discrimination;

stereotypes, prejudice,


this world is still NOT free from all forms of

life’s mysterious hypocritical revelations.

                                   Hate is in the air,          

no one seems to care;

supporting Trump’s hate rhetoric,

forgetting that he actually verbalized advocating violence.

He’ll bail you out he said in public, spewing all kinds of discrimination.


the land of the free,

Unless you Mexican, Black, Filipino, or Muslim like me.

Support who you want, but do you support hate?

support who you’d like,

But really, a bully?

Shoot to kill,

no warning in sight;

videotaped, unarmed, watched; a jury, no conviction,

will our plight ever see the light?

Equality for all?

Or, will America continue this blatant disregard for Black life?

A rapper giving some Whites a pass to say the N word right in your face;

you a stupid [email protected]@a!

You a f’ng disgrace?

It has a double meaning?

Are we a disgrace to the human race?

Some sing "it" in songs; some rap "it" in raps;

many still get mad when someone White says "it"?  

Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Racism, what does it mean?

Prejudice, can all live the American dream?


Do some Whites fear Farrakhan & the Muslim nation?

Slavery, has it taught us a lesson?

Racism, is it disguised as an evil blessing?



April showers brings...WTF??!!

by K on 04/03/16

April showers brings…WTF??!!

April showers brings May flowers,

Is that it?

Or since it will be summer,

 will it just bring all the same ole type of shit?

Fights, babies, mayhems,

murders, rapes, smoking dope,


Men, more ladies.

Women showin their ass,

saying that they still got class;

posing on the internet,

wanting all to think they the shit;

Ain’t got a pot to piss in,

claiming to have over 500 FB friends.

Putting their [email protected] and [email protected]@ies on the internet,

Not thinkin in the future, that the shit will still be out there.

Men in their forties and fifties

In denial, saying 50’s is the new 20’s, [email protected]@a bye!!

Stop your lies, don’t deny; positive is ok, but being delusional

may stay.

Jail time, no time, prison time got you mental,

one day this way, the next unconventional.

[email protected]@a killin’, stealin’, robbin’, actin hard;

Ain’t got shit, stop tryin to play hard!

You a weak [email protected]@a, a punk [email protected]@a, a lyin [email protected]@a;

a showy [email protected]@a, a secretly [email protected] suckin, crazy [email protected]@a!

You pretend that you have it all together,

but live off of others, can’t come to grips with the reality of the situation.

You a flashy [email protected]@a, try to be classy [email protected]@a,

An arrogant [email protected]@a,

An unforgiving [email protected]@a,

A fault finding [email protected]@a,

But won’t admit yo own bullshit type of [email protected]@a;

You point out peps flaws type of [email protected]@a,

Won’t tell what you did type of [email protected]@a,

A one-sided [email protected]@a,

A hood rich type of [email protected]@a,

think you a better [email protected]@a,

Cas your credit good,

Got a couple of credit cards,

But you a in-debt type of [email protected]@a;

Tryin to impress other [email protected]@a’s that you got something, but you a fake type of [email protected]@a,

Tryin to live like the Jone’s type of [email protected]@a’s,

But in their eyes, you still just another [email protected]@a.


March Madness

by K on 03/02/16

March Madness

 Glad to be who you are?

Sad to see how far or not far you are?

Wondering about someone’s car?

Wanting to be a star

Wanting to be rich

Wanting to be an athlete

Anything but who you are.

Wanting to be a singer

Wanting to be a Doctor

Wanting to be a writer

Wanting to be a prized boxer






Anything goes, no values, nor morals

If it feels good do it?

If you can, why not go through it?

Pretending to be more

Hoping to be more

Wanting more

Flaunting like you have more

But deep down, you still poor.

Saying who you know

Knowing what you say is untrue

Acting like you have it all together

Deep within, you’re insecure, scared

Nowhere near together!

Are you working to pay the bills?

Are you suing everyone just so that you can live?

Using dope, drinking to cover the pain?

Living carelessly, thinking only of the instant joy it may bring

You open the wrong Pandora’s Box

It may bring out a fox

That will be too hot to trot

Can you handle it?

Only life will tell

It’s March Madness,

You only live once, so you say what the hell!


Is it Black History Month?

by K on 02/01/16

Is it Black History month?

A celebration of culture,




A celebration of history.

Keepin’ our eyes on the prize,

at times, being wise,

often times, continuing in & believing the same ole lies.

Let’s celebrate the short month that we have;

we are still alive, passionate, thriving, and damn! We bad!


as we continue to strive.

Many have gone on,

transitioned home from various reasons,


We continue the struggle, Mexicans as well,

their ancestors slaving in the fields, working hard for a menial wage.

Julio Cesar Chavez fighting for justice, fair wages,

for his people to be treated just as fairly.

Cinco de Mayo is just a day of battle, not their true Independence Day,

It’s September 16th by the way.

What a hard working people, their struggles just as real;

Mexicans have some of the same struggles as Black folk,

they continue to fight for equality, while knowin’ that the struggle is REAL.

I didn’t write the history, so please don’t get mad when I remember…



by K on 01/04/16


Let's see if we can begin again,
see this thing through, from the beginning, 
to the end of the year again.
Old things gone,
the past lies behind,
It's a new year, for a bright future,
let's get this thing right before the end of this new year.
No regrets
No nagging
No drama
No pouting
No talking about what was
No talking about what should have been
No blaming your dad or your mom
You are still here, alive and breathing
it's never too late to begin again,
Here's to a new beginning!

Do you accept me for who I am?

by K on 12/01/15

Do you accept me for who I am?

 Accept me for me,

Yeah, you say you do;

Allow me the luxuries, mistakes, openness, everyday occurrences,

The freedom to just be me.

Find fault in the common things I say;

Ripping apart, analyzing, critical, judgmental,

Doing the very same thing to me as you say I do to all other peps!

I just wanna be free!

Live life, talk at will;

if I misspeak, make an absolute statement,

Sometimes, just let me be!

                                 I am learning, this shit is new;

I’ve been like an average person for so long,

this new me will not happen instantly.

Steel sharpen steel, yes I know;

There is pain,




I’m trying to get this thing called life right,

just allow me room to grow.

Something different-Two for one

by K on 11/02/15

 Lots of kids, parents getting older, some in good health, some of their health seems asunder. Should we take advantage?  Should we get what they got? What if the other kids get it first? Why not increase my pot?

Parents won't remember, we can always lie, after all we seem so nice and innocent to other folks, can get any fool to believe my lie.

Steal money to pay a bill, steal a house, it's all about the same thing.

There is no God; God ain’t real you say, so you don't have to worry about Him, like all of the other religious fools. 

All these people praising God, He didn't increase my riches, you think your slick ass did.  What's done in the dark, will come to light; we all have to answer to a higher power, yours may not be God, but you will still feel someone’s wrath. 


Lies, lies, lie all the time; you lie now at your age, claiming before you weren’t full grown!

Give me another chance, I want to work this out; I was young and dumb back then,

Yack yack, still running your [email protected]’ lying mouth!

You got caught in your lies, given an ultimatum;

leave that ho alone,


get your [email protected] out,


from now on,

you can use your own hand, and

shake it on your own!