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What is it about men?

by K on 10/06/15

What is it about men

As Amy Winehouse croons on Pandora

What is it about men?

Rough neck

Tough cat

Laid back

Get back jack

Cool prose

You know what you know

Think you a gangsta

You aint about shit

Making babies here and there

Can’t even feed them, nor do you care

It’s more to it than just pimpin

Don’t like a good girl, you said she’s too simple

You want a ride or die bitch

Not knowin’ she will [email protected] any ole trick

You don’t believe in God

Just the rod between your thighs

When that no longer works

Taking a blue pill won’t guarantee that you will feel it jerk

Change your game

Before you end up being slain

It’s attractive to be able to take care of your family, especially your kids

You didn’t care about the mother, she tricked you, she lied,

You are to blame too; you should have covered that little dingaling