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I want to be a lifelong learner, and often that means, listening to other folks perspectives.  Together, YOU and I can be an intricate part in changing way the world looks at race.

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This is the remix: Dating is a [email protected]!!

by K on 09/22/19

Dating is a [email protected]!!

Interracial mingle

Plenty of fish


Damn! Dating’s a [email protected]!

Christian Mingle

Black People Meet

And I’m still single!

Met plenty of people,

many lie on their profiles;

meet for coffee, let’s sit and talk for awhile.

One was handsome, looked just like his pics,

his body tight, but couldn’t see his [email protected]@ print.

We get close, lean in tight, made him laugh;

damn! his [email protected]’ teeth rotten;

that odor I smelled earlier was coming from his mouth! [email protected] this [email protected], I'm out!

Met another, boy was he it; nice conversations, we met for wine,

oh so handsome, I was thinking, what sweet jubilation!

Continued to talk, I drifted for a moment, when I snapped back,

he was talking about the moons and the freakin’ stars!

Maybe it was me? I tried hard to understand,

after all, this was a fine ass Black man.

What? I say, thinking about my past astronomy class;

I wanted this to work.

Hell I thought, give this brotha a fair chance.

He repeated himself, and now talking about the horizon, 

he was all over the place,

Lord Jesus! this man’s sounds like he's [email protected] retarded!

No offense, yall know what I mean; 

I'm just keepin' it real, I'm not trying to be mean.

Another date, why not get food I thought; this one is Hispanic and White,

I always liked a little flavor in my life.

He’s into me, yeah, and he’s fine.

We finished up our appetizers,

no talk of moons and the stars.

We look longingly into each other’s eyes,

this may be the one I thought;

as he slowly caressed my hands,

I thought I saw a dam bed bug, crawling from his shirt collar.

Rough necks, never liked them, but give him a chance; 

his pic may not do him justice I heard my friend in my head.

We talked on the phone several times,

he sent me a few texts.

He seemed super intelligent,

I was beginning to vibe with this man.

He said he couldn’t wait for us to meet,

I had him intrigued.

He said I seemed real, and down to earth;

we talked several more times,

why this man hasn’t asked me on a date? 

Just as I thought it, he said, let’s meet.

We made a date for the following Saturday, score! I thought.

Made an appointment to get my hair done;

Saturday came and went, 

yall know I never heard from this [email protected]’a again! for last book:  The Dating Game:  How To Lose a Potential Mate After the 1st Date.  Available on Amazon in 4-5 weeks of this date.