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The Royal Wedding 5/19/18

by K on 05/20/18


 Oh how excited for me,

to witness the royal wedding,

It brought me so much glee.

I was tired at first; if I hear just one more thing!

Then just the day before,

I got excited and I too, began to dream.

Oh Meghan Markle,

what a lucky girl;

you set your sights high,

from one foiled marriage,

to marrying a true prince,

that sparkle cannot be missed.

I wanted what Meghan Markle had;




I wanted my own prince.

As the scrutiny began to wail, a still small voice said,

“Hey! stop comparing your life to another; experience your own joy.”

How do I do that? I wondered out loud;

After all, I’m older, my body still in its original state,

I live in a 3rd floor apartment for heaven’s sake!!!

As I began to reminisce for several more hours,

looking up all I could find, trying to rationalize my happy, sad, and jealous states;

Googled all of Meghan’s mess,

it dawned on me that Meghan may be an opportunist, to realizing she’s lucky

to realistically knowing, that Meghan is just truly blessed.

How can I experience my own joy? I asked again;

as if Jesus himself was sitting next to me and we were talking as ole friends.

“What are you good at?  Look into your own heart; find out what brings you true joy.

Go after it; seek after it; dream after it, until that dream is no more…


Then will you begin to experience your own authentic true joy.”