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​      I write because I want to uplift and educate people.  With each piece, my aim is to either make people laugh, or to eradicate negative stereotypes about African-Americans.

     Whether it's through contemporary poetry, non-fiction books or educational material, I hope that what I share encourages people, open up their minds to embrace all cultures, and accept the differences that make up the diverse world that we live in today. 

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.

"Not Sugar Coated: Keeping It Real"

"Teachers Taking Charge"

"Cultural Patterns & Interactions Among African-American Male Adolescence"

Something different-Two for one

by K on 11/02/15

 Lots of kids, parents getting older, some in good health, some of their health seems asunder. Should we take advantage?  Should we get what they got? What if the other kids get it first? Why not increase my pot?

Parents won't remember, we can always lie, after all we seem so nice and innocent to other folks, can get any fool to believe my lie.

Steal money to pay a bill, steal a house, it's all about the same thing.

There is no God; God ain’t real you say, so you don't have to worry about Him, like all of the other religious fools. 

All these people praising God, He didn't increase my riches, you think your slick ass did.  What's done in the dark, will come to light; we all have to answer to a higher power, yours may not be God, but you will still feel someone’s wrath. 


Lies, lies, lie all the time; you lie now at your age, claiming before you weren’t full grown!

Give me another chance, I want to work this out; I was young and dumb back then,

Yack yack, still running your [email protected]’ lying mouth!

You got caught in your lies, given an ultimatum;

leave that ho alone,


get your [email protected] out,


from now on,

you can use your own hand, and

shake it on your own!