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     Whether it's through contemporary poetry, non-fiction books or educational material, I hope that what I share encourages people, open up their minds to embrace all cultures, and accept the differences that make up the diverse world that we live in today. 

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by K on 08/01/15


Sadness in my eyes

goes high in the clouds,

no one to throw an olive branch

no one gives a damn!

Selfish people everywhere-

cold, calculating, hard, bitter,

 user, abuser, pervert, overachievers, quitters.

 Reminiscing in my mind

when things weren’t so hard

when people were young,

life seemed to have had no limits;

people are now old,

worked their whole lives

to much of the world,

now they are useless, dried up, old, can’t fend for themselves

very little money, not even a decent retirement;

their health insurance sucks

No one gives a fuck,

their bodies badly broken,

worked over 40 years, but who cares,

And, now they still can’t get help,

selfish people everywhere.

 Haters want to find fault in everything

It’s never them, but the blame is on someone else;

Childish, grown ass women and MEN, gossiping like old ass billy goats

Rolling their cocked eyes, whispering, I seriously wanna punch them in their damn throats!

Ho, get a clue! mind your own damn business; don’t worry about me, just do you!

Lonely in YOUR OWN LIFE, no one to hold your cranky ass tight thru the night,

It’s NOT my fault, take a hard look at your own life!

You go around so grumpy, cas you can’t get humpty,

cas u look so damn dumpy, don’t blame me! fix yourself up,

 mature, read a self improvement book, relax,

before you have another nervous breakdown clumpy;

You a fake ass trick

cryin all the time to get your way

many would call you a bitch

you gone one day feel this lick

trust me, don’t want none of this

hope soon you get some dick

you may have a chance if you stop actin like a tired dried up witch

so get off your broomstick

you dumb dimwit

dirty lying dipshit

with your dumb ass sidekick

dirty little twit

old tired lookin ass

you can’t handle this

get a man so you can feel it

you’ll find peace

after he stokes you

lifts you up

get what I’m saying bitch?


Sadness in my heart

Sadness in my eyes

Sadness for the poor and old

Sadness for the Vets who are now home

Sadness for the poor

Sadness for the ghetto

Sadness for the abused kids

Sadness for the innocent Blacks who have been shot and killed

Sadness for life

as I slowly realize that tomorrow isn’t promised,

so lets’ all get this shit right!