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by K on 10/02/15


 Young, unfocused.

Young and focused.

I wanna be a teacher.

I want to be a doctor.

I wanna be a singer.

I want to be a lawyer.

Graduate high school,

damn what’s next?

Find a job and work a 9-5;

go to college, to get away from the house.

Graduate from college, pregnant and single;

Dropped out of college, wanted to party and mingle.

Baby’s dad absent and in denial;

heartache from my first love,

boy was that painful!

It took a while to move on from the wound,

I’ve healed some, now I must try to carry on.

Got a decent job, my college degree inspired.

Raised the kid, moved on with life.

Continued to do work, not having much fun in life;

boyfriend here, girlfriend there, not amounting to much.

Quit that job for a higher paying one, now that’s what’s up!

In my thirties now, damn! I need to focus!

Went back to college for another degree.

Married the wrong person, damn, divorced after only three.

Had another kid, the first one is now a teen.

Job after job; what went wrong?

Went to college for the wrong thing, my major never turned me on.

Forties, wow! That went so quick;

Still going from girl to boy, seems like I’m letting everyone just hit it.

Hate my job, why can’t I make good money?

Bumps in the road, ready to recover.

Working a high paying job, FINALLY, but still no real satisfaction.

Fifties, shut the [email protected] up!

My! How time flies;

second divorce, and a lack of job choice,

what will I do now?

Some friends are dead; some are in the same old boat;

The fine ones from school, and now old and many looked dried up.

Some still on drugs, one or two, seemed to have all the luck.

My kids all have grown, long gone from home.

The one that I never claimed, lives with her mom, she’ll be eighteen soon.

That was an oops back in the day; her mom lied about being on birth control;

I believe her, so that’s her fault, I was gone!

How do I live out the rest of my life?

Am I too old?

Sixties, holy shit!

It’s finally time for me to truly grown up.

No more living in the past, I see how time continues on;

Whether I’m on board; alone, married; single; working a toiling job.

Others may think I’m doing well, as they peer in on social media;

Well I didn’t tell them that, [email protected] it! that’s on them!

Sixties! Things just got so real.

As I look over my life;

Took a hard look right-

No longer jealous of anyone else’s life;

What they got was truly meant for them, no use of hatin’ on them.

Everything I got, everything I’ve earned, back then it may not have seemed like much,

But truly, I’ve learned a lesson in retrospect,

Sometimes life just sucks!

 Since I can’t do it all over again;

I’ve decided no regrets; I still have time to live my best life yet.