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People are [email protected] sick of it!

by K on 06/28/18

People are [email protected] sick of it!

No wonder some people do dope;

No wonder some people are alcoholics;

No wonder some people abuse prescription drugs;

No wonder many people are promiscuous,

And will [email protected] just about any ole thing.

People are [email protected] sick of it!

 The hate! The rage!

the racism & oppression against Blacks and gays.

The fighting! The shootings!

Roseanne Barr for calling that Black woman an ape!

 Donald Trump could have such a POSITIVE impact;

many of his proponents compromising their moral compass;

AFRAID to tell him he’s wrong!

Separating Mexican children from their parents

no due process for “illegals,”

 putting them in a jail instead;

no reunification in a safe and stable home!

People are [email protected] sick of it!

 America has never been so divided. 

The Republicans, the Democrats, the Libertarian party;

Left-wing, Right-wing, Conservatives, Liberals; the new Alt-right;

Who gives a [email protected]!

If we don’t get our shit together,

Russia or North Korea will take over and [email protected] us all up!

Inappropriate behavior

Sex abuse

Over-medicating people

People can’t afford their medication

After millions of dollars in research

People are still dying from HIV & AIDS!

No more police brutality!

No more killing innocent Black kids

No more gang violence

No more killing our Police Officers

And referring to them as all racist PIGS!

People are [email protected] sick of it!

No more school shootings!

Not another innocent child should die!

No more not addressing mental illness

No American should have to feel hopeless

and take their own life!

People are [email protected] sick of it!