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.#KanyeWest (PAIN)

by K on 05/02/18


 Pain in my eyes, pain in my face,

pain in my heart, pain in my race.

When will it stop?  Will it ever end?

Will my race come to grips with the demons within?

I see people of color hatin’ each other,

I see people of color, jealous, envious, wanting to rob and kill each other.

Black men look at each other with envy and hate,

Black women look at each other with jealousy and distaste.

A Black man can look at a White man and speak and all,

but he looks at another Black and won’t crack a smile.

A Black woman can say, “hi,” to a White female,

but will roll her eyes and want to beat down a Black female.

No wonder we haven’t achieved all that we can,

we can’t even stand our own, we get along better with the White man.

So much distrust, thinking that everyone that looks like us,

is out to use, and to get us.

We are so confused, we don’t even like those who look like us.

Pain in my eyes, pain in my face,

pain in my heart, pain in my race.