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Is Chivalry dead?

by K on 12/08/13

Is Chivalry dead?


Asking someone out on a date

Opening up a door for a woman

Holding a door for a woman to enter

Holding hands

Being respectful;

Is chivalry dead?

You want a thug

You want a gangsta

You want a cool man,

When he whoops your butt,

Can we then say you a nut?

You don’t want a soft man,

A man that cries,

You want a man that pimps when he walks,

Put you in your place,

Backhand you in the face.

Wow, now that’s cool.

If a man speaks to you with respect,

Helps pay a bill with his check,

Never call you out of your name,

It’s called being chivalrous,

Is chivalry dead?


By Michelle Phillips & Hamp McWhorter