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​      I write because I want to change the way the world views race.  With each piece, my aim is to eradicate negative stereotypes about African-Americans, while educating people about our culture. 
     Whether it's through contemporary poetry or educational material, I hope that what I share encourages people to embrace all cultures, and accept the differences that make up the diverse world that we live in today. 

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.
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"Cultural Patterns & Interactions Among African-American Male Adolescence"

Food For Thought

by K on 10/12/13



From babes to adult,

learning to be fake, then through life experiences,

you have learned to just let it all out.

Not caring too much, what people think of you,

have come into your own, being the true, authentic you;

now wondering why in the hell it took so long.

It took you a long time to get here, boy! doesn’t it feel good?

Loving yourself, accepting yourself; seeing your true beauty;

You are real to the bone. 

No longing just sayin shit to hear yourself talk,

Sprouting knowledge,

giving wisdom,

sharing some of your relevant life story,

not giving a damn what people make of it,

take of it,

walk away from it,

Just being real and dropping that life learned knowledge.