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February is Black History Month?

by K on 02/10/15

February is Black History Month?

Black history, whack history,

who the hell cares!

It’s overrated, it’s not necessary,

many Whites like hip hop now, so there!

Who cares about history?

Why does it matter?

Martin Luther King Jr marches only made it ok to drink and sit in the same restaurants as Whites,

Oh boy!  So what!

Many young Blacks have given a pass

to some Whites to say the “N” word, because their cool,

their hip, and now associate with Blacks,

So [email protected]@ Black history month!

No one gives a [email protected]!

Many Black caregivers not able to pass the history down

from one generation to the next;

is it a melting pot syndrome some say, or just nobody gives a [email protected]?

I didn’t write the history, so don’t be mad when I remember,

What some White men have done to Blacks and other people of color.

Many Blacks piss on their history, thinking it doesn’t affect them.

We hear about a Trayvon Martin, a Mike Brown, Eric Garner, a mentally ill woman, Tanisha Anderson, twelve year old Tamir Rice, and countless others,  

so yeah, Black History does matter,

And yeah, that shit, racism still affects us!