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"Not Sugar Coated: Keeping It Real"

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Do you accept me for who I am?

by K on 12/01/15

Do you accept me for who I am?

 Accept me for me,

Yeah, you say you do;

Allow me the luxuries, mistakes, openness, everyday occurrences,

The freedom to just be me.

Find fault in the common things I say;

Ripping apart, analyzing, critical, judgmental,

Doing the very same thing to me as you say I do to all other peps!

I just wanna be free!

Live life, talk at will;

if I misspeak, make an absolute statement,

Sometimes, just let me be!

                                 I am learning, this shit is new;

I’ve been like an average person for so long,

this new me will not happen instantly.

Steel sharpen steel, yes I know;

There is pain,




I’m trying to get this thing called life right,

just allow me room to grow.