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​ I write because I want to uplift and educate people through my writings.  

I find that most people love the uplifting part of my writing/s, it encourages them and makes them laugh.  BUT, over 75% have issues with the educating piece; I challenge people beliefs, prejudices and will call them out on their crap, respectfully...most of the times.  

I want to be a lifelong learner, and often that means, listening to other folks perspectives.  Together, YOU and I can be an intricate part in changing way the world looks at race.

Peace and blessings.

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.

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Christmas 2019

by K on 12/15/19


Holiday blues---

Lose, lose lose.

A beautiful Christmas day---

Is on its’ way.

Some love the holidays, especially Christmas.

It’s a time for giving and loving, leaving another “bad” year behind; looking to a brighter future, yet another chance to get it right.


It’s a time of pain; the hurt, the loss; remembering those that are no longer here.  After all, you are now alone; WTF is there to cheer?

Fake ass people

Giving ass people

Forgiving ass people

Hurt ass people


It’s your choice---

But because you hate the holidays,

Don’t [email protected] it up for the rest of us!

Merry [email protected]’ Christmas!

By Michelle Phillips