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.#BillCosby: did he do it?

by K on 07/02/16

.#BillCosby; did he do it?

 The pudding pop guy;

The father on the Cosby show;

The spy on I spy; is he guilty? Or is it all lies?




A “Love Potion”

Makin’ them give it up;

knowingly and unknowingly, throwin’ it in his face;

                                                  many wonder why the long wait? 

Mr. Cosby settled another case back in the day;

He paid money, the record was closed,

how then can “they” throw that same case back up in his face?

Isn’t there a time limitation?

A statute of such?

So many years later, WTF!

Is he a rapist?

Did he do it?

Are these women all lying?

Were they willing participant, knowing the drug in which they partake?

Mr. Cosby, if you are guily, oh what a waste!

Mr. Cosby, at one time, admonished other Blacks,

called then distasteful, thugs, slammin’ their culture right in their face.

Now look,

old and blind,

bumping into poles, can’t walk straight, shit slammin’ him right in the face.

Holier than thou, livin’ a lie;






Wanting him to go out in disgrace.

Mr. Cosby,

If innocent, may God be with you,

If guilty, karma has finally caught up with you.