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It's A New Year

by K on 01/01/15

It’s a NEW YEAR!

It’s with great cheer, that it’s a new year.

Some partied hard on New Year’s Eve, 

Some just ate dinner alone, maybe had a drink and quietly brought in the New Year.

Oh, a new beginning!

A fresh start!

A new day to dream, start over, oh how we do love fresh starts!

My resolution is to lose weight.

My resolution is to renew my faith.

My resolution is to have a child.

My resolution is to find a man.

My resolution is to get rich.

My resolution is to stop being a bitch.

My resolution is to find a new job.

My resolution is to keep a clean house.

My resolution is to be more assertive.

My resolution is to be nice to my kids.

My resolution is to clean up my life, live and enjoy this new beginning. 


How we love them so; 

we are so serious about them, and say they truly come from the heart.

We are telling the truth (at the time) that we will stick with them; 

It’s a new year, a fresh start to start over and try to do everything new and right again.

What’s your resolution?

How long will it last this time?

What will make you stick with it?

Will hard times, a break up, a death, sway you from it?

What about a loss of a job? What about a misdeed of a so-called friend?

What will make you stick with it this year? What will be different this year from last year?

It’s a NEW YEAR; change the way you think, the way you do things, enjoy this New Year.