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Are you a bitch?

by K on 11/24/13

Are you a bitch?


Do you have authority over employees, and treat the women harshly?

Do you feel you have to prove to someone, that you are in charge?

Do you walk around with a “mean mug,” hoping it will scare your female staff off?

Do you avoid hiring more women, because you secretly don’t like them?

Do you think you are better than another woman because of her background?

Are you a hater because the woman has more education than you?

Do you find yourself often wanting to ridicule her, embarrassing her somehow?

Do you look down on her because you make more money?

Do you think you are smarter, because she’s from the South?

The way she talks?  The way she walks? The way she dresses? Her confidence?

Do you hate on other women, maybe because of your own self described defense?

Oh, you may be a bitch, so you won’t admit it, so continue reading down the list.

Do you find yourself, secretly wishing you had what another woman has?

Do you falsely befriend another woman to keep “tabs” on her?

Do you avoid befriending women, because you think they are all whores?

Do you prefer to hang around with men, versus women? If so, why?

Does a woman befriend another, just to get close to a male lover?

Gossip, Talk,

Competition, Greed,

Hate, Jealousy,

Fake, Insecurity,

Whore, Liar,


And so much more.

Why do women hate to hear about another one shining?

Why do women pretend to like another woman?

Do women keep their enemies close?

But behind her back, talks about her so badly, and is the lead person to deny her?

Do you get mad when someone disagrees with you?

Do you try to argue someone down, until they give in and agree with you?

Do you finally get a break, and now you think that you have outshined her?

Start telling her how to act, how to speak;

using the Lord as a crutch, saying that maybe He’s trying to bless her?

Secretly wanting her to feel badly, agree, and be more like you?

Do you start shit? How about wait until you’re drunk, and then talk big shit?

What about recounting all the good that you have done, and how others don’t appreciate you?

Can women generally like each other? Give another woman props?

What if:

She’s shaped like a brick house?

Has the most confident, but not fake, trying to be a model walk?

So secure, grounded and self-assured?

Could have cussed you out, but walked away, because she has learned what it’s all about.

Are you a bitch?