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America - Is it the great?

by K on 03/09/15

America- Is it the great?
2015, the fight continues;
The killings
Continues to rear its’ ugly head!
The land of the free;
A Black President
But increased killings of unarmed Black men
Continue to rise rampantly.
Kill a Black man, woman, boy or girl,
Assassinate their character by the media,
to slightly skew the remorse;
as the repeated letters indicate,
You’re an ass if you believe the lies for sure!
The good ole boys club will NEVER go away,
An investigation,
A grand jury,
No justice,
They will NEVER convict one of their own;
If you think it will ever happen,
You’re a different type of ass alone.
Although many killed were unarmed,
The cops justifies it so,
After all, a pellet gun was mistaken for a real guy,
By these trained police officers, sworn to protect and serve.
The land of the free,
Kill a [email protected]@, and you will go unpunished, get away scott free!
You worry about ISIS, and how successfully they recruit,
They see your lack of loyalty and the hating of a group of your own!
You can’t bully ISIS, cannot even crush the small militant group,
You are your own militia when it comes to Black life;
Other countries hate you,
Many want to hurt you,
Does blowing you up and beheading many
give you a small taste of what you do to your own?
What about some of the atrocities some Black people have gone through?
How do you expect ISIS to be civilized? Calling them barbaric
when you can’t even respect your own.
Justifying the killings of innocent Black life;
longing to hear the N word on TV; questioning why a White rapper won’t use it.
Seeing no wrong when an officer kills someone INNOCENT, because they just happen to be Black.
When it comes right down to it,
You have a barbaric history too!