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April showers brings...WTF??!!

by K on 04/03/16

April showers brings…WTF??!!

April showers brings May flowers,

Is that it?

Or since it will be summer,

 will it just bring all the same ole type of shit?

Fights, babies, mayhems,

murders, rapes, smoking dope,


Men, more ladies.

Women showin their ass,

saying that they still got class;

posing on the internet,

wanting all to think they the shit;

Ain’t got a pot to piss in,

claiming to have over 500 FB friends.

Putting their di@k and pu@@ies on the internet,

Not thinkin in the future, that the shit will still be out there.

Men in their forties and fifties

In denial, saying 50’s is the new 20’s, ni@@a bye!!

Stop your lies, don’t deny; positive is ok, but being delusional

may stay.

Jail time, no time, prison time got you mental,

one day this way, the next unconventional.

Ni@@a killin’, stealin’, robbin’, actin hard;

Ain’t got shit, stop tryin to play hard!

You a weak ni@@a, a punk ni@@a, a lyin ni@@a;

a showy ni@@a, a secretly di@k suckin, crazy ni@@a!

You pretend that you have it all together,

but live off of others, can’t come to grips with the reality of the situation.

You a flashy ni@@a, try to be classy ni@@a,

An arrogant ni@@a,

An unforgiving ni@@a,

A fault finding ni@@a,

But won’t admit yo own bullshit type of ni@@a;

You point out peps flaws type of ni@@a,

Won’t tell what you did type of ni@@a,

A one-sided ni@@a,

A hood rich type of ni@@a,

think you a better ni@@a,

Cas your credit good,

Got a couple of credit cards,

But you a in-debt type of ni@@a;

Tryin to impress other ni@@a’s that you got something, but you a fake type of ni@@a,

Tryin to live like the Jone’s type of ni@@a’s,

But in their eyes, you still just another ni@@a.