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​      I write because I want to change the way the world views race.  With each piece, my aim is to eradicate negative stereotypes about African-Americans, while educating people about our culture. 
     Whether it's through contemporary poetry or educational material, I hope that what I share encourages people to embrace all cultures, and accept the differences that make up the diverse world that we live in today. 

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.
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Who are we?

by K on 04/11/14

Who are we?


Many of us may not like you,

but as my brothers and sisters in Christ,

We tolerate, and show some respect in the public when around you.

You talk about us,

You don’t support us,

You lie about us,

You hunt us down and try to kill us.


Don’t we bleed the same?

You don’t even care to know our names.

We love the same as you;

We want healthy kids the same as you.

We have dreams, we work a job,

We have talents and drive fancy cars.

One does not represent the entire race.

We are individuals, as in your case.

There are bad in every race,

don’t lump us together, because we share the same shade.

The media continues to focus solely on us,

to continue the frustration,

mis-guided information,

the racism and hatred towards us.

With that burden to fight,

and little strength in numbers and fading power,

no wonder we are the most hated race;

The sand niggas have bounced back on top, surpassed us;

we continue to be the downtrodden, the most hated race.