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A racist hatred for the Black man

by K on 06/04/15

A racist hatred for the Black man

Black man, black man,

damn black man, the world can’t stand!

Your past, your present, your future existence!

you’re free, you’re enslaved

you’re hung, you’re beaten

you’re shot, you’re killed

 you’re brutalized by the system.

 Bam! Bam! You’re a dead [email protected]@er!

Killed by racist cops, the world, not even Obama can stop.

A White cop will NEVER be convicted, so tell your people to stop the march.

Use their time to stop the hatred among your ghetto Blacks [email protected]@ers!

Another UNARMED Black dead,

this time we got two, killed with a record 142 shots!

        You gang bang!      

You do crack!

You rob stores!

You rape!

You brutalize women!

You lazy!

You dumb!

you will only date our precious, innocent Buffy’s and the Kate’s.

You kill your own in record numbers.

You mad at me for killing an unarmed [email protected]@er?  

He was just a thug in waiting!  

You a whack [email protected]@er

You a confused [email protected]@er

You produce these [email protected]@er kids, hang with these [email protected]@er friends,

causing all kind of ruckus;

it’s good when one of you are dead, we just sing, another one bites the dust.

Bam, bam! shoot another [email protected]@er, this time a twelve year old.

Wow! We got away with that one too?

Damn! Our lame, tired ass excuse, “I feared for my life,” will NEVER get old. 

We don’t mind when one of you move up,

we like that you forget your own,

we secretly find it funny, that you forget where you came from.

Here a [email protected]@er, there a [email protected]@er, everywhere you look there’s a [email protected]@er!