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2017: A new Trump

by K on 01/07/17

2017:  A new Trump

It’s 2017; it’s a new year;

Trump will take over the Oval Office in a couple of weeks,

so many new fears!

 A campaign perceivable ran full of hate,

this has never happened before in America,

what will be our fate?

 Twitter rants,

Name calling,

Always wanting to be right;



Encouraging people to fight.

Discriminating openly against Muslims, Mexicans, Gays and Blacks.

Creating a new Alt. Right group, whose agenda is to promote the good ole boys club, trying to take America waaaay back.

 Make America great again, what does that really mean?

Make America great again, was his campaign theme.

A leader now?

So…no more rants?  No more tantrums?  No more name calling? 

No more acting like a spoiled, rotten kid?

 LEAD the country, if you dare;

no more Russian influence, they have NEVER been America’s best friend.

LEAD the country, if you dare;

no more discriminatory practices, treat ALL just & fair.

LEAD the country, if you dare;

STOP POLICE BRUTALITY widely practiced in America,

killing innocent Black men, women and twelve year old kids!

LEAD the country Mr. Trump;

You have 4 years to be inclusive of ALL

and truly

make America great again!