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​      I write because I want to uplift and educate people.  With each piece, my aim is to either make people laugh, or to eradicate negative stereotypes about African-Americans.

     Whether it's through contemporary poetry, non-fiction books or educational material, I hope that what I share encourages people, open up their minds to embrace all cultures, and accept the differences that make up the diverse world that we live in today. 

Committed to changing the way the world looks at race.

"Not Sugar Coated: Keeping It Real"

"Teachers Taking Charge"

"Cultural Patterns & Interactions Among African-American Male Adolescence"


This is the remix: Dating is a [email protected]!!

by K on 09/22/19

Dating is a [email protected]!!

Interracial mingle

Plenty of fish


Damn! Dating’s a [email protected]!


Christian Mingle

Black People Meet

And I’m still single!

Met plenty of people,

many lie on their profiles;

meet for coffee, let’s sit and talk for awhile.

One was handsome, looked just like his pics,

his body tight, but couldn’t see his [email protected]@ print.

We get close, lean in tight, made him laugh;

damn! his [email protected]’ teeth rotten;

that odor I smelled earlier was coming from his mouth! [email protected] this [email protected], I'm out!

Met another, boy was he it; nice conversations, we met for wine,

oh so handsome, I was thinking, what sweet jubilation!

Continued to talk, I drifted for a moment, when I snapped back,

he was talking about the moons and the freakin’ stars!

Maybe it was me? I tried hard to understand,

after all, this was a fine ass Black man.

What? I say, thinking about my past astronomy class;

I wanted this to work.

Hell I thought, give this brotha a fair chance.

He repeated himself, and now talking about the horizon, 

he was all over the place,

Lord Jesus! this man’s sounds like he's [email protected] retarded!

No offense, yall know what I mean; 

I'm just keepin' it real, I'm not trying to be mean.

Another date, why not get food I thought; this one is Hispanic and White,

I always liked a little flavor in my life.

He’s into me, yeah, and he’s fine.

We finished up our appetizers,

no talk of moons and the stars.

We look longingly into each other’s eyes,

this may be the one I thought;

as he slowly caressed my hands,

I thought I saw a dam bed bug, crawling from his shirt collar.

Rough necks, never liked them, but give him a chance; 

his pic may not do him justice I heard my friend in my head.

We talked on the phone several times,

he sent me a few texts.

He seemed super intelligent,

I was beginning to vibe with this man.

He said he couldn’t wait for us to meet,

I had him intrigued.

He said I seemed real, and down to earth;

we talked several more times,

why this man hasn’t asked me on a date? 

Just as I thought it, he said, let’s meet.

We made a date for the following Saturday, score! I thought.

Made an appointment to get my hair done;

Saturday came and went, 

yall know I never heard from this [email protected]’a again!  

www.lulu.com for last book:  The Dating Game:  How To Lose a Potential Mate After the 1st Date.  Available on Amazon in 4-5 weeks of this date.


by K on 12/16/18

Whoever said being a Christian would be easy-


Whoever thinks that Christian are forgiving-


 Some of the most carnal, lying, deceitful, meanest people I know-

Are Christians.

Many don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone BUT their own families-

Isn’t that contrary to God’s desire?

 #Pastors #Bishops #church #TVministries-

Will guilt you for money-

Why is there always a building fund?

They want your house, a new car, your diamond ring


when your ass is in need, they won’t give you a damn thing!

When I’m wronged, I want to lash out.

When I’m lied on, I want to bash out.

When I’m talked about, I want to beat out.

When I’m stressed, I want to cream out.

Being a Christian ain’t easy-

Hey fake ass Christians-

Bringing up negative shit from years ago,

constantly causing strife,

regurgitating the past,

on yeah, that’s the Christian life.

Damn! so now you’re a doctor trying to diagnose others?

You can see everyone else’s faults, BUT your own,

when your shit ain’t together in your own home!

Let’s look at your past-


all the unmarried sex you’ve had.


all the negative things from your past?


 Is His Word true?

That He is love.  That he has forgiven our sin.  That He will wash us with His blood, all we have to do is ask.

So as Christians, isn’t it our job to be HIS representatives

To show kindness, forgiveness, and love? 

Stop being a shit-starter; we should be different from the world.


The Dating Game: How to lose a potential mate after the 1st date.

by K on 08/28/18



People are hurting

by K on 08/06/18

People are hurting

 Scratching your head in unbelief,

wondering why did it have to come to this.

It was hard to grasp,

your mind racing,

trying desperately to comprehend and think.

As you are sprawled out,

sleep still in your eyes,

you stretch.

Putting your phone back down, you pulled the covers back.


You just cannot believe it.

You just do not get it.

If only you had what they had,

things would have ended up differently.



“Damn!” you say out loud.

Hard to understand what made people feel this way.

Man! If I were them…you think out loud.

Not sure how to finish that thought,

not sure if it was in your head,

or even if you had actually said it out loud.

The pain their loved ones must be feelin’.

“Damn!” You mutter again.

All the ooh’s and ahh’s;  

many on Twitter were in disbelief.

You yawned, and sat up,

finally placed your feet on the floor;

silently prayed for their loved ones,

 to find some type of peace;

lifted yourself out of bed,

heading to the bathroom door.


People are [email protected] sick of it!

by K on 06/28/18

People are [email protected] sick of it!

No wonder some people do dope;

No wonder some people are alcoholics;

No wonder some people abuse prescription drugs;

No wonder many people are promiscuous,

And will [email protected] just about any ole thing.

People are [email protected] sick of it!

 The hate! The rage!

the racism & oppression against Blacks and gays.

The fighting! The shootings!

Roseanne Barr for calling that Black woman an ape!

 Donald Trump could have such a POSITIVE impact;

many of his proponents compromising their moral compass;

AFRAID to tell him he’s wrong!

Separating Mexican children from their parents

no due process for “illegals,”

 putting them in a jail instead;

no reunification in a safe and stable home!

People are [email protected] sick of it!

 America has never been so divided. 

The Republicans, the Democrats, the Libertarian party;

Left-wing, Right-wing, Conservatives, Liberals; the new Alt-right;

Who gives a [email protected]!

If we don’t get our shit together,

Russia or North Korea will take over and [email protected] us all up!

Inappropriate behavior

Sex abuse

Over-medicating people

People can’t afford their medication

After millions of dollars in research

People are still dying from HIV & AIDS!

No more police brutality!

No more killing innocent Black kids

No more gang violence

No more killing our Police Officers

And referring to them as all racist PIGS!

People are [email protected] sick of it!

No more school shootings!

Not another innocent child should die!

No more not addressing mental illness

No American should have to feel hopeless

and take their own life!

People are [email protected] sick of it!

The Royal Wedding 5/19/18

by K on 05/20/18


 Oh how excited for me,

to witness the royal wedding,

It brought me so much glee.

I was tired at first; if I hear just one more thing!

Then just the day before,

I got excited and I too, began to dream.

Oh Meghan Markle,

what a lucky girl;

you set your sights high,

from one foiled marriage,

to marrying a true prince,

that sparkle cannot be missed.

I wanted what Meghan Markle had;




I wanted my own prince.

As the scrutiny began to wail, a still small voice said,

“Hey! stop comparing your life to another; experience your own joy.”

How do I do that? I wondered out loud;

After all, I’m older, my body still in its original state,

I live in a 3rd floor apartment for heaven’s sake!!!

As I began to reminisce for several more hours,

looking up all I could find, trying to rationalize my happy, sad, and jealous states;

Googled all of Meghan’s mess,

it dawned on me that Meghan may be an opportunist, to realizing she’s lucky

to realistically knowing, that Meghan is just truly blessed.

How can I experience my own joy? I asked again;

as if Jesus himself was sitting next to me and we were talking as ole friends.

“What are you good at?  Look into your own heart; find out what brings you true joy.

Go after it; seek after it; dream after it, until that dream is no more…


Then will you begin to experience your own authentic true joy.”



.#KanyeWest (PAIN)

by K on 05/02/18


 Pain in my eyes, pain in my face,

pain in my heart, pain in my race.

When will it stop?  Will it ever end?

Will my race come to grips with the demons within?

I see people of color hatin’ each other,

I see people of color, jealous, envious, wanting to rob and kill each other.

Black men look at each other with envy and hate,

Black women look at each other with jealousy and distaste.

A Black man can look at a White man and speak and all,

but he looks at another Black and won’t crack a smile.

A Black woman can say, “hi,” to a White female,

but will roll her eyes and want to beat down a Black female.

No wonder we haven’t achieved all that we can,

we can’t even stand our own, we get along better with the White man.

So much distrust, thinking that everyone that looks like us,

is out to use, and to get us.

We are so confused, we don’t even like those who look like us.

Pain in my eyes, pain in my face,

pain in my heart, pain in my race.

#Democrat Party Ties to Russia

by K on 03/03/17

#Republicans #Democrats #Conservatives #Liberals; Left wing, Right wing, no wings, fight-ing.  We can’t seem to get it!  We are divided across party lines; not caring about each other.  We are badgering each other, we are mocking each other, we are acting thuggish and downright ignorant.           

[email protected] can turn this all around, 

Don’t continue to trip over your own words, be truthful as much as you can.

[email protected] you are the leader of this great free land.  If an official is found to have done wrong, please do NOT continue to shift the blame.  Hold him or her accountable, don’t think that everyone you picked is without fault; If they have done wrong, it’s ok to publicly call them out. The American public would respect you more, continue to show the leadership that you have shown before.

9/11, do we remember? What a tragic day; we all came together regardless of party lines, color, religion, & sexual orientation; we truly showed concern, care; we were there for our FELLOW MAN.  .#AMERICA, let’s get it together before #Putin takes over our free land!


Now...Immigration Raids!

by K on 02/14/17

Immigration raids

 The immigration ban was banned; Trump’s a sore loser; now he has enacted immigration raids!

He truly thinks that this devious plan won’t come under attack! This is NOT a 3rd world country, This is America! Trump, you dictator, step the hell back before America come under attack.

Initially, it was the Jews under attack.

During the slavery days, it was the Blacks.

Later on, Mexicans became the pawn.  Let’s not forget how ill the gays were treated, now it seems to be the Muslims turn!

If the powerful dismantle their men, the rest are easily controlled.

This is America, WE (The People),  WON’T STAND FOR THAT!

#Footing the Bill for Trumps

by K on 02/11/17

#Footing the Bill for Trumps

 Footing the bill for Trumps;

Donald Trump the big lump;

golfing, talking, shouting

eating, spewing, laughing

hating, rating, and communicating???


the taxpayers are always the ones who eventually foot the bill


We have to foot the bill for the entire Trump clan,

Or is it Klan?


Powerful White men,

touting that they will make America great again.


9th Circuit

by K on 02/09/17

9th Circuit decision

 Trump’s ban is done, immigration and what’s right won,

Trump’s mad and defeated,

will he continue to scowl, revert to calling people names,

& keep Tweeting?

The 9th Circuit made a decision;

Accept it Trump, you were defeated.


the land of the great;


where we stand together and will not tolerate HATE!


the land of the free,

for Blacks, Gays, Mexicans, Women, Muslims, and others;

The 9th Circuit court,

not afraid of Trump,

His stupid immigration ban was dumped!


is great again.


Black History Month 2017

by K on 02/07/17

Black History Month 2017

Our struggles from oppression

2017: A new Trump

by K on 01/07/17

2017:  A new Trump

It’s 2017; it’s a new year;

Trump will take over the Oval Office in a couple of weeks,

so many new fears!

 A campaign perceivable ran full of hate,

this has never happened before in America,

what will be our fate?

 Twitter rants,

Name calling,

Always wanting to be right;



Encouraging people to fight.

Discriminating openly against Muslims, Mexicans, Gays and Blacks.

Creating a new Alt. Right group, whose agenda is to promote the good ole boys club, trying to take America waaaay back.

 Make America great again, what does that really mean?

Make America great again, was his campaign theme.

A leader now?

So…no more rants?  No more tantrums?  No more name calling? 

No more acting like a spoiled, rotten kid?

 LEAD the country, if you dare;

no more Russian influence, they have NEVER been America’s best friend.

LEAD the country, if you dare;

no more discriminatory practices, treat ALL just & fair.

LEAD the country, if you dare;

STOP POLICE BRUTALITY widely practiced in America,

killing innocent Black men, women and twelve year old kids!

LEAD the country Mr. Trump;

You have 4 years to be inclusive of ALL

and truly

make America great again!